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Want to Run Your Own Employee Engagement Survey? Don’t!

Why Shouldn’t I Conduct My Own Survey?

Because you will:

  1. Lose the trust of your employees: No matter how many times you tell them it will be anonymous, they won’t completely believe you.
  2. Measure the wrong variables: There are very specific ways to ask questions in order to get the data that actually impacts employee engagement and productivity. Do it incorrectly, and you’ll find yourself chasing the wrong things.
  3. Ask irrelevant questions: Are you thinking of asking about your employees’ satisfaction or how happy they are with compensation? Don’t waste your time – these topics have NO IMPACT on engagement and business results. Asking about compensation may also cause survey bias.
  4. Fail to fully leverage survey results: Once you have the data, you need to know how to take the appropriate action on it. Are you sure you know how to do that?

Do the survey incorrectly and you’ll waste money, time, and effort on useless data.

Let us take the employee engagement survey off your hands!

We are experts who know exactly what we’re doing. Measuring employee engagement and working with organizations to develop strategies for its improvement are our specialities!

We’ll come up with a survey solution to suit your business and your budget.

Do the survey right and make sustainable improvements.

Fill out the form to get in touch with us, and we’ll have a no-obligation discussion about what you need.

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“We started by measuring engagement in-house. Unfortunately, we were inexperienced and our methods were crude. We weren’t sure our surveys were measuring the right variables.

Now with Workplace Engagement Insight’s help, we pinpoint issues and fix them right away. The response from our people has been outstanding and we are well on our way to having a very highly engaged workforce.”

Brooke Christianson, Vice President, Canalta Hotels

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