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“With Dwight as our leadership coach, we have finely tuned our leadership approach. Dwight quickly uncovered the critical area’s of improvement (by use of a measurable tool) and provided the leadership coaching we needed to understand how others perceive our actions. With these newly honed skills; and understanding of different personality types we have significantly improved both our employee engagement and customer satisfaction scores.”

Jeff Storey, Fixed Operations Manager
Budds' BMW Hamilton

Workplace Engagement Insights provided an opportunity for a 3rd party to collect data that otherwise had never been accessible. The anonymity of the process compelled our employees to be honest. They were each asked a series of questions resulting in incredibly valuable feedback. This information has served as a back bone to create action plans to follow through with improving our employee engagement.

Dwight Lacey was immensely supportive throughout the entire process. He assisted in creating suitable questions for the survey, promptly answered any questions we had, and provided updated survey results regularly. He continues to be engaged, passing on articles, or any other information he feels may be of interest.

Not only do we highly recommend Workplace Engagement Insights, we will continue to use their services.

Mike Clark, Operations Director
Canalta Food Services Ltd.

"Workplace Engagement Insights surveyed our employees on two separate occasions.  Dwight’s model was great for our company’s needs, and affordable for our size. The survey was easy to administer and didn’t disrupt our workflow.  Furthermore, the confidentiality of the survey allowed people to be frank with their responses.  We were impressed by the quick turnaround time for the results and the valuable insights it provided. Using the data from the first survey, my partners and I found out where our areas of improvement were, and what we needed to do to coach our leaders. When we did the second survey, we were pleased to see that the key employment engagement metrics had improved!

I would absolutely recommend Workplace Engagement Insights to other businesses looking to measure their employee engagement and boost their employees’ productivity."

Bianca Tino, Partner
Tino, Gaetani, & Carusi Chartered Accountants

"Our mission is to provide our guests with legendary customer service. We know team member engagement is the key to achieving this goal, so we started by measuring engagement in-house. Unfortunately, we were inexperienced and our methods were crude. We weren’t sure our surveys were measuring the right variables.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered Workplace Engagement Insights. After seeing Dwight’s presentation, I knew right away that they could take us to the next level. For the first time ever, we were able to look inside our business and identify the real people issues standing in the way of our success. Now with Workplace Engagement Insight’s help, we pinpoint issues and fix them right away. The response from our people has been outstanding and we are well on our way to having a very highly engaged workforce."

Brooke Christianson, Vice President
Canalta Hotels

"Brand Insights strategic consulting model has been very successful in helping leadership gain an understanding of their levels of strategic alignment and collective capability to execute their chosen strategy.

When we adjusted our model five years ago to include WEI’s employee engagement audit, we enhanced our client offering by providing a seamless and unmistakable link between leadership effectiveness, employee engagement and customer loyalty/profitability.

Our  trust in Dwight Lacey’s ability to provide us actionable insights and analysis has allowed us to provide clients with a unique capability to refine their business model and achieve untapped levels of strategic implementation effectiveness and unrealized revenue and productivity results.

With WEI’s support, we have been able to provide both the art and hard science of how employee engagement has moved from the shadows of theory and soft measures to a proven lead indicator of future business success.

We encourage every organization who values the relationship between employee engagement and more effective leadership and business performance to seek out Dwight and WEI."

Brand Insights Group

"We recently had Workplace Engagement Insights conduct employee engagement surveys within our company. The surveys were easy for our employees to complete, taking on average fifteen minutes. The process was completely automated and self- explanatory, so there was no need for debriefing or for people to fill out paper based surveys. As business owners, the insight gained was extremely valuable. Dwight Lacey took the time to explain the results and what they meant from an organizational productivity standpoint. The reporting was well summarized and intuitive, and highlighted areas where things are going well as well as those areas where we need to do some work. The turnaround time from when the surveys were completed to when we received our detailed feedback was a matter of days, which made the results relevant and actionable. I highly recommend Workplace Engagement Insights to any organization that wants an in-depth understanding of employee engagement levels, the issues that are causing high or low engagement, and what actions need to be taken to move all employees up the engagement curve."

Ben Molfetta, Co-Founder 
Core Online Marketing

“I have worked in several organizations and I always look back to my work with Dwight. His leadership style is the best I have had the opportunity to work with. From the day I listened to Dwight speak at our new employee orientation, I was willing to do whatever it took to make sure we did not fail as a team. I left the orientation with a clear vision of why I was there, what was expected, and how I was going to contribute. As a leader and entrepreneur, I constantly go back to Dwight for leadership and guidance. Based on my experience with Dwight, I can clearly see he has a deep understanding of how to bring out the absolute best in people.” 

Jager Bhoohe

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