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At Workplace Engagement Insights, we believe in collaboration for better results. To that end, we have developed partnerships with industry leaders. Working with our partners allows us to take advantage of their specialized expertise, and ultimately achieve the best possible results for our clients.

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Below, we discuss some of the employee engagement solutions we offer in collaboration with some of our valued partners:

Leadership Boot Camp

Our leadership boot camp is an intensive workshop that will give the leaders in your organization the knowledge they need to improve engagement within their teams. We can deliver our boot camp in two formats: half-day or full-day sessions.

We are not “motivational speakers” in the usual sense. We don’t indulge in feel-good lectures that have no lasting effects. This workshop focuses on scientifically-proven insights into what affects workplace behaviour, and moreover, how leaders can make a tangible difference. Our practical experience in the business world positions us uniquely to provide you with proven, cost effective ways to improve engagement.

Leadership boot camp is all about actionable solutions. It is essential to us that everyone leaves with practical take-aways that can be put in place immediately. An example of one such tool is our weekly ten minutes to engage planner.

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Navigational Conversations

This two-day navigational coaching workshop from Leadscape Learning provides strategic coaching skills for leaders that need to make a shift from problem solving to leading – from being the boss to being the coach. If your leaders and managers are being distracted from achieving better results because they must engage in hands-on work too often, this is the right program for you.

Learn more about Navigational Conversations.

Feedback Conversations

One of the most critical elements to engaging employees is providing timely feedback and recognition for good work.

This one-day feedback workshop from Leadscape Learning addresses how to improve communication between management and employees. This course covers the three crucial types of feedback: positive, corrective, and developmental. If your organization needs more feedback to make effective changes, this program can help you achieve immediate results.

Learn more about Feedback Conversations.

Influential Conversations

This one-day workshop from Leadscape Learning teaches your organization’s leaders how to be more influential in their interactions with clients, colleagues, subordinates, and senior management. Influence is essential to achieving goals, as well as developing trust and respect in the workplace. If you want your leaders to be able to better support your organization’s goals and motivate others, they need to learn the skill of influence in this program. This skill set is critical to gaining buy-in to strategies and focus in each organizational unit.

Learn more about Influential Conversations.

Brand and Business Sustainability Audit

The Brand and Business Sustainability Audit from Brand Insights provides:

  • An integrated and aligned diagnostic of the strategic clarity of the organization
  • The focus, capability and will of the employee base to fully engage in the execution of strategy
  • The resulting customer loyalty which drives enduring brand value

It provides highly directional insights and metrics through both qualitative and quantitative input, giving leadership suggestions for specific, continuous improvement initiatives.

Personal Orientation Profile and Management Pro

Personal Orientation Profile (POP) and Management Pro from SMG are two employee selection tools that take the guesswork out of the hiring process. Using science and advanced statistical methods, your organization can improve in employee selection, training, and development decisions.

POP: POP is an advanced tool for selecting and developing high performance sales employees, proven to predict retention and performance. This tool provides recruiting managers with interview, matching, and coaching suggestions. Learn more about POP.

Management Pro: Management Pro is an advanced executive employee selection tool for predicting performance and retention in management and leadership positions. It measures a range of leadership competencies, and will help turn leadership potential into results. Learn more about Management Pro.


TalentNest from SMG is a talent management system to help employers attract, manage, and rate candidates throughout the recruitment process. It is a robust system, that includes predictive screening and assessments, metrics to assess the ROI of your recruiting process, and a customizable employment process flow to ensure compatibility with your recruitment process.

Learn more about TalentNest.

Contact Center Simulator

The Contact Center Simulator from SMG allows a employee candidate to experience what it feels like to perform in a sales or customer service role at your contact center. The hiring manager instantly receives a report on the candidates skills and ability to perform in the role.

Learn more about the Contact Center Simulator.

Organizational Alignment and Business Strategy

You need a well-designed overall business strategy that fully aligns business, customer, organizational, and knowledge strategies into a comprehensive whole.

Improve your company’s success with SaintOnge Alliance’s experience in developing, aligning, and harnessing organizational strategies. We can help you create a forward-looking strategy, involve and engage your staff, improve your relationships with your clients and customers, and ultimately achieve your business goals.

Learn more about SaintOnge Alliance.

Custom HR Services

Custom HR solutions will help you set your business apart and align employees, management, and shareholders.

The Human Well offers HR tailored services to help your business when you are struggling with:

  • Developing new policies and programs to support business growth
  • Meeting key business objectives
  • High turnover
  • Attracting the right talent
  • Implementing a new enterprise system
  • International expansion
  • Updating general or executive compensation

Learn more about The Human Well.

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