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Engaged Workers Report Twice as Much Job Creation – Jim Harter

Actively disengaged workers report more layoffs than hires. Employees who are in engaged in their work and workplace are twice
as likely to report their organization is hiring new workers as those who are actively disengaged.  Workers who are emotionally disconnected from their work and workplace are far more likely to report their organization is letting people go than those who are engaged. Americans report these substantial differences in their organization’s hiring practices even though, collectively, Gallup finds overall U.S. job creation holding steady in recent months…

Annual Evaluation Systems and Malpractice – Portfolio Media Inc.

The Senior Vice President for Global Human Resources calls you into her office and asks you quietly how it is that you managed to forget that the FMLA was in the picture in a difficult situation involving a disabled employee. Chills run down your spine. And that’s how it feels to a lawyer who hears: “You’re committing malpractice…

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