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The Two Numbers I Wouldn’t Manage Without

employee engagement and loyalty scoresThe wonderful thing about getting older is gaining the huge advantage of experience and wisdom. Looking back on a career that spanned over 40 years, I am more convinced now than ever that I could have been much more effective in channeling all the company’s energy in the right direction if I had just had two critical pieces of data:

  1. Employee Engagement Index
  2. Net Promoter Score for Customer Loyalty

In one company I worked for, we measured both and we found an amazing correlation coefficient of 0.85 for loyalty scores tracking employee engagement scores.

The bad news was that if employee engagement scores dropped (and they will if you measure consistently over time, due to issues in the economy or in your own company) that the loyalty scores would drop 3 months later. However, when our employee engagement scores went up, the loyalty score would show an uptick about 9 months later!

How Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty Scores Can Drive Success in Your Business

How can simply measuring these two numbers help you create a sustainable company?

The answer lies in what you need to do once you have the scores, not simply in what the scores tell you. Having measured the scores, you now need to kick into action and begin a dialogue. Both the employees and the customers have a lot to tell you about how to be a great company to work for or buy from – and one that they would recommend to friends and family.

By analyzing the data and digging into the issues that underlie the scores, you will learn a lot about what is really happening at the critical juncture of customer and staff. You will find ways to make buying from your company a “hassle-free experience” and you will find out what you need to do to help employees make that experience real for every single customer.

It is a long road to success, but the answer lies in becoming a great listener and in truly wanting the best for your employees and customers. The skills for engaging leadership are the very same skills needed to create that great customer experience and to listen attentively to the issues raised by customers. That’s why these two scores are so closely correlated!

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Written by Dwight Lacey

Dwight Lacey

Dwight is the President at Workplace Engagement Insights. He leads Workplace Engagement Insights with a clear understanding of the latest employee engagement research, survey best practices, and leadership styles that create successful businesses.

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