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Happy Holidays! Build Employee Trust by Caring


This is a perfect time of year to actively engage with your team, building trust and showing them that you care. Although you should be doing this all year-round, Christmas is a time when you can put an extra focus on demonstrating how much you value your team.

What can you get involved in with your team that will help to build that good feeling? 

Supporting a charity during the holidays can be a great way to give back to your community, foster goodwill, and build up your team.

I would like to suggest that this is an ideal time to let them take the lead! Ask your team for ideas. Let them come up with a cause they can connect with this holiday season. Then, be an excited participant. 

Don’t leave it to the team to take this on all alone. Enthusiastically support them – you can arrange for time away from the office for plans to be put together, or for the team to travel to the chosen charity.

By giving of yourself, by being willing to give control to the team, by listening to the team and being a cheerleader, you are showing compassion. Showing them that you care. Showing them that you want to be a part of the team.

If your experience is anything like my trip to Evergreen that I wrote a LinkedIn article about recently, then you will get more out of this than you give. 

Seeing the world through those who are less advantaged is a great way to ground yourself as you enter the New Year.

Remember: People don’t care how much you know until they know you care!

Merry ChristmasWishing you and your employees a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Written by Dwight Lacey

Dwight Lacey

Dwight is the President at Workplace Engagement Insights. He leads Workplace Engagement Insights with a clear understanding of the latest employee engagement research, survey best practices, and leadership styles that create successful businesses.

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