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8 Ways to Get the Employee Engagement Survey Right [Video]


There is a right way to conduct employee engagement surveys – and many wrong ways. Best practices must be observed in order to achieve accurate, actionable results. In this video, I discuss eight things to keep in mind when conducting an employee engagement survey for your company.

  1. Employee Satisfaction: Employee satisfaction is not the same as employee engagement. Unlike employee engagement, employee satisfaction has not been shown to result in increased productivity, profitability, retention, etc. Some surveys fail to understand this critical difference, and end up measuring employee satisfaction.
  2. Compensation and Benefits: An employee engagement survey is not the appropriate place to ask how happy employees are with their compensation and benefits. In fact, doing so will likely produce biased results.
  3. Number of Questions: Some surveys ask too many questions. We have seen surveys with as many as 185 questions, which take over two hours to complete. In these situations, employees will begin to get survey fatigue and fail to answer the questions accurately.
  4. Internal vs External Surveys: Internal surveys produce biased results. You need a third party supplier to make employees feel comfortable disclosing their feelings about their work. Even with an external survey, it is important to reassure employees that their responses will be confidential.
  5. Fit with Culture: If your company expects employees to simply follow orders, you never ask them for their input on decisions that affect their job, and you lead using fear, do not do an engagement survey. If you aren’t willing to change this culture, a survey will set expectations that can never be met. 
  6. Share the Results: The most important element in being transparent with your survey is to share the results with all employees. Each employee should be given the results for their work team compared to the entire company.
  7. Engage Employees in Solutions: Preferably without their boss in the room, engage employees in a discussion about the results and what they would like to see changed. Just having this conversation already begins to improve engagement.
  8. Take Action: It’s simple – if you don’t plan to fix anything, don’t do a survey.

Always remember that leadership is a sacred trust between you and your employees. Trust is difficult to get back if you destroy it. If you’re doing an engagement survey, make sure you’re working with an expert who knows how to preserve that trust.

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Written by Dwight Lacey

Dwight Lacey

Dwight is the President at Workplace Engagement Insights. He leads Workplace Engagement Insights with a clear understanding of the latest employee engagement research, survey best practices, and leadership styles that create successful businesses.

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