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4 Reasons to Swap Out the 360 Review for an Employee Engagement Survey


The 360 review has been around for many years. Has it had the beneficial impact that it was originally designed to have?  I would suggest that it hasn’t.

For many, the 360 review is not a good experience.  Here are just a few reasons why:

1. It Can Foster Negativity: Often peers use the 360 as a way to comment on items they wouldn’t say directly to your face. Indeed, they can be very hurtful and not at all helpful. Why? Because they want the same promotion you do: they want their boss’s job.

2. It’s Not Constructive: Employees can be equally blunt in their comments. You would better benefit from a discussion (based on trust) at regular intervals. I prefer to ask for feedback at each performance review session – held monthly – to ask the simple question: “How can I become a better boss?”

3. It Doesn’t Always Provide Useful Input for Improvement: Instead, consider a monthly review session with all employees. If done well, this generates better feedback on the things you need to do to improve your workplace.

4. It Can Be Abused: 360 reviews get used for promotions and compensation discussions – a direct abuse of the process.

19028040_mRather than a 360 review, consider an employee engagement survey. An employee engagement survey is done by all employees and is focused on getting constructive feedback. It can be used to improve your workplace and foster a highly engaged workforce – the type of culture you want to cultivate.

And if you build the right culture through the insights from your employee engagement survey, you will have peers and employees who care about you. As employees become more engaged, you will have more productive discussions, and build trust and common purpose in your organization.

The end result? Improved productivity, reduced turnover, higher profitability, better project outcomes, and so on!

It starts with an employee engagement survey, not a 360 review. Remember: You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

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Written by Dwight Lacey

Dwight Lacey

Dwight is the President at Workplace Engagement Insights. He leads Workplace Engagement Insights with a clear understanding of the latest employee engagement research, survey best practices, and leadership styles that create successful businesses.

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