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Why Measure Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are critical to your success

The Short Answer:
There is a direct link between high levels of employee engagement and business results.

The Long Answer:
When businesses with the best employee engagement are compared to those with the worst, studies have found staggering differences.

Businesses with highly engaged employees experience the following benefits:

  • +300% Success Rate on Initiatives
  • +207% Revenue Growth Rate
  • -62% Safety Incidents
  • -51% Theft/Shrinkage
  • -30-50% Staff Turnover
  • -27% Absenteeism
  • -20% SG&A Expenses
  • -10% Cost of Goods Sold

Engaged employees consistently work harder and put in more effort than those who are not engaged; customer experience, ROI, and other key performance indicators are all impacted.

These are significant boosts, which have a real impact on profitability. So the question becomes, how will you improve your employee engagement?

You cannot work toward improving your staff engagement until you measure it. You won’t know where you’re currently at or whether you’re improving unless you have tangible data to work with.

Measuring employee engagement will give you an overview of the general engagement levels in your organization and a more detailed breakdown of data as you require (e.g. by division, location, manager, or team). Once you have this crucial insight, you can spend your time, money, and resources on the areas where the biggest problems lie.

*Research Sources
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