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Our Employee Engagement Process

A focus on engagement and embedding it in your culture and processes will give you a long term strategic advantage.

Our process will give you accurate data about how your employees are doing in terms of:

  1. Overall Company Engagement Scores
  2. Engagement Levels by:
    1. Focus
    2. Capability
    3. Will
  3. Scores for Each Work Group
  4. Comparisons of Work Groups to Total Company
  5. Comparisons of Similar Organizational Units (e.g. branches, countries, etc.)
  6. Comparisons by Job Category
  7. Other Custom Reports as Needed

Using this information, we then work with you to develop corporate priorities, leadership priorities, and changes for individual teams.The outcome is a plan for your organization to develop a high performance culture and reap the benefits of engaged employees.

As a client recently told me, this enables him to focus on employees as a long term strategic advantage.

Our Full Service Process

1. Flexibility and Customization for Your Organization
We have taken great care to develop a flexible approach to conducting employee engagement survey with our clients. We know from experience that some organizations have few resources to conduct a survey, while others have many.

We developed our model to help organizations across the spectrum.With that in mind, we are able to help large sophisticated clients conduct fully self-administered surveys, all the way to managing the entire process for smaller clients who require our resources.

2. Ensuring Everyone is on Board
Our first step with you will be to ensure that there is buy-in from the different departments in your organization. Everyone should be on board and understand the need for an assessment.

We take the time to present to your top leadership team, managers, and all employees. The presentation provides clarity on why a survey is beneficial and how the process will unfold. It also guarantees employees that they will have absolute confidentiality, that they will see the survey results, and that they will be included in developing and implementing solutions to any issues the survey points out.

3. Clear Project Planning
A crucial step is to ensure that there is an executive champion for the process. A clear project plan must be developed to allow everyone to follow and track the process as it progresses.

This is the final step before gathering the employee feedback through the survey – the key component in giving you actionable information on your current company culture.

4. The Employee Perspective
The employee engagement items are the center of the whole process. Using best practices determined by our research, our survey focuses the three indicators of engagement: focus, capability, and will. Each of our 26 items are sub-sets of the three key indicators enabling you to drill down to each item and your score on that item.

Once our assessment tool goes live online, employees provide their ratings to our simple and straightforward items. They can do so from their desks, when it is convenient for them. The survey only takes about 20 minutes to complete; it does not become tedious or waste company time. The survey is kept open for as many days as necessary to give employees ample time to complete it.

After the data is gathered, we will provide you with the top line results within five working days. A discussion of this top line report with the executive team provides the focus for the rest of the process.

5. Include Employees in Finding Solutions
The next step in the process is a discussion with all leaders about the survey results.

Once this discussion takes place, we engage in a facilitated process to present the company-wide results to each team of employees. Each team receives a comparison of their team to both the company in general, and to similar teams within the company (e.g. a comparison of sales teams in different locations).Employees then have an opportunity to discuss solutions to the issues raised in the assessment results. At the same time, they take into account company-wide issues and senior management’s commitments to resolving issues that require company-wide change.

6. Our Process Results in Real Change
The outcome of all of these discussions:

  1. A Company-wide Change Commitment
  2. Individual Team Change Commitment
  3. Individual Leadership Changes or Development Required to Create a Highly Engaged, High Performance Culture

The focus is to put in place the right processes– processes that will change the culture. We set up programs that are rigorously tracked and driven into the culture as “the way things are done”. Processes that do not have these traits do not stick, and we are not in the business of setting up programs that fail to gain traction.

7. Ongoing Commitment
In our experience, the companies that get the most out of this process have action plans for each team and track their progress. These companies make sure that there is monthly accountability for the implementation of the changes.We recommend linking data by each work group to available performance metrics (such as: turnover, absenteeism, customer loyalty, profitability, etc.). Then, if you put ongoing tracking surveys in place to ensure that the outcomes are measured and progress is being made in the desired direction, you will have reliable ROI data for your engagement initiatives.

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