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The Right Way to Conduct Employee Engagement Surveys

As with anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about employee engagement surveys. We are often asked about engagement survey best practices; it is an important question. What types of surveys are the most successful at measuring the appropriate variables, and how can those surveys successfully drive results?


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The Wrong Way The Right Way Why It Matters
Over 150 questions Under 35 questions Survey fatigue leads to deterioration of data quality
Over 2 hours for completion Under half an hour for completion Survey fatigue leads to deterioration of data quality
Long turnaround time for results. Some surveys are taking up to 6 months to get results out to clients. Executive Summary Report available within 2 days of survey closing. Detailed work group analysis and executive report compiled in less than 10 days from survey completion. Results lose their relevancy as time passes
Collecting irrelevant information Asking the right questions to measure only core variables that cause engagement Ensure the survey measures what it is intended to measure and not causing survey fatigue
Questions about compensation or benefits Questions about subjects related to engagement only Certain questions can create dissatisfaction and are not related to engagement levels AND are likely to result in survey bias
Benchmarking Measure your own progress over time (e.g. year over year). Available to measure against North American norms. Measuring your business against benchmarks will not give you an accurate picture of your unique improvements and challenges.
Lack of visibility on progress Must restate prior year’s results to adjust for organization restructuring Measure improvement over time and success of new processes
Rigid survey options Flexible and customizable survey options Survey should suit your specific needs
Dubious anonymity Anonymity and confidentiality must be beyond reproach Employees must feel comfortable providing honest feedback
Not involving employees Must involve employees in roll out of the survey Employees must be engaged in the process
Not informing employees Must share survey results with employees Include employees in finding solutions
Withholding action plan details Open and timely disclosure of action plans Critical to employee buy-in – employees must be involved in development and implementation
Failing to take action Leaders must be held accountable to deliver on their business unit action plans Without actively working toward change, problems will remain
Using results only for large-scale development Use results to determine development needs of individual leaders Cultivating strong leaders is necessary for successful organizations
Failing to fully leverage survey results Embed survey results in the performance management process Ensure engagement is taken into account in performance management

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