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Our Approach

You probably are aware of several areas in your company where there may be an issue with the performance of your human resources. The real challenge is to know which work groups should be the highest priority and which factors causing engagement should be worked on first. Which areas would result in the highest return with which specific changes?

That’s where Workplace Engagement Insights comes in. We diligently engage in the best practices according to the most current research in survey methods and employee engagement. Through our assessment tool (our employee engagement survey), we determine where your problem areas are and help you create an effective action plan for addressing them.

Our entire focus is on helping companies like yours get an accurate picture of how their employees are doing across three key areas:

  1. Focus: Is everyone clear on the corporate direction and does each employee know how what they do is going to help us get there?
  2. Capability: Are we providing employees with the right tools/capabilities to do the job well?
  3. Will: Do we have the right reward, recognition, and communication processes with employees to drive their willingness to engage in our challenge?

Using our employee engagement survey will give you a quantifiable view of the 26 core leadership behaviors, processes, and policies that are proven worldwide to engage employees.

While many surveys use as many as 170 questions, it is our clear position that the challenge of leadership is to focus our efforts on the variables that matter. That is all Workplace Engagement Insights does.

Upon completion, we are able to give you a clear picture of priorities for improvement across three organizational dimensions:

  1. Corporate Priorities: What are the things that must be changed corporate-wide that are now causingemployees to disengage?
  2. Leadership Priorities: What are the unique development needs of each leader in the organization so they can access the incredible human potential in their departments?
  3. Individual Teams: What are the changes necessary, within each department and between departments, to unlock human potential

Our process begins with a change management philosophy in how the survey is rolled out. We involve leaders in the process, we engage “social leaders” in organizational units to explain the process and benefits of participation to all employees; and most importantly, we engage employees in understanding the results of the survey and in finding organizational solutions.

The outcome of our process is:

  1. A Company-wide Change Commitment
  2. Individual Team Change Commitment
  3. Individual Leadership Changes or Development Required to Create a Highly Engaged, High Performance Culture

In other words, we don’t just measure engagement, we launch it!

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