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Our Team


Dwight Lacey
President – Workplace Engagement Insights

Dwight is an experienced leader and CEO who has built and managed Canadian companies in banking and insurance, as well as a major automotive company in the US.  He has extensive experience consulting with companies, whose revenues range from $4.0m to $1.0b, for everything from strategic development to financing and sale of companies.

As a former CEO, Dwight understands the tough day-to-day challenges of turning an organization around. As an expert in employee engagement and high performance cultures, Dwight knows how to provide employees with a vision, plus the tools and support they need to successfully engage customers.

Dwight leads Workplace Engagement Insights with a clear understanding of the latest employee engagement research, survey best practices, and leadership styles that create successful businesses.


John Marshall, PhD
President – Self Management Group

John is a well-respected author, keynote speaker, coach, organizational psychologist, and innovative thought leader. Over 25 years, he has assisted hundreds of organizations in developing self-managed, high performance cultures. John is the President of Self Management Group and has a doctorate in psychology. Through advanced statistical methods and principles of applied organizational psychology, Self Management Group has helped tens of thousands of participants increase their personal and professional effectiveness.


Gerry Durocher, MA
Director of IT Services – Self Management Group

Gerry leads the IT team at Self Management Group. He manages the integration of new products into existing systems and the development of customized recruiting, screening, and selection websites for clients. Gerry has a comprehensive understanding of leading technologies, a high artistic ability, and a master’s degree in psychology. This unique combination makes him a valuable member of our team.


Chris Gee, PhD
Director of Research Services – Self Management Group

Chris oversees all internal and external validation studies at Self Management Group, supported by his strong background in statistics and research methods through his PHD in Sport and Social Psychology. He ensures that SMG’s methods are always appropriate and current. Chris also teaches undergraduate courses at the University of Toronto and is a practicing sport consultant.


Louise ViCalvi
Director of Operations – Self Management Group

As Director of Operations for Self Management Group, Louise is responsible for all aspects of client service. Her responsibilities include negotiating, prioritizing, and scheduling the development of new product/service customization, systems, and delivery of services. Louise ensures that clients’ needs are met by overseeing the stability and operation of the SMG system, keeping the technology team on target.


Adam Lanyon
Project Manager – Self Management Group

Adam has worked with the Self Management Group for the past five years as a Project Manager. Specializing in call center and mass recruitment accounts, Adam has managed dozens of complex new client start-ups, software integrations, and process refinements. Adam manages all phases of Self Management Group’s project responsibilities, including project planning, communications, resourcing, scope of work, implementation, and delivery. Adam is a graduate of Waterloo University and currently in the process of certifying his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Solution Partners


Brent Stewart, MA
Co-founder – Leadscape Learning

Brent co-founded Leadscape Learning Inc. in 2010 with Cheryl Smith. His background in management, personal development, and executive coaching has given him the profile of knowledge he needs to develop leadership development programs that work. Brent shares his knowledge and expertise with businesses around the world through the programs offered at Leadscape Learning.

Learn more about Brent.


Cheryl Smith, MA
Co-founder – Leadscape Learning

In 2010, Cheryl co-founded Leadscape learning with Brent Stewart. An early adopter of leadership coaching and an eternal entrepreneur, she gained experience and expertise in the field of leadership development throughout her career. Through Leadscape Learning, Cheryl is happy to be codifying and teaching her accumulated knowledge – helping organizations unleash their potential.

Learn more about Cheryl.

Hubert Saint-Onge, MA
Founder and Principle – SaintOnge Alliance

Hubert Saint-Onge is the founder of SaintOnge Alliance, a consulting firm dedicated to helping clients improve performance by strengthening their organizational culture, engaging employees, and advancing the company’s mission. Hubert draws on his extensive experience in strategic planning, organizational change and culture renewal, collaboration, knowledge sharing, capability building, and leadership development to make recommendations and implement solutions for his clients.

Learn more about Hubert.

Paul Pittman - The Human Well

Paul W. Pittman
Founder and President – The Human Well

Paul W. Pittman is the founder and president of The Human Well, a company that offers tailored HR services for a variety of successful businesses. He offers solutions for HR concerns from talent management to mergers and acquisitions. With over 25 years of experience in International Human Resources, Paul helps organizations develop strategies focused on improving the return of investment in people.

Learn more about Paul.

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