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About Workplace Engagement Insights

Our business at Workplace Engagement Insights is your business. We exist for the sole purpose of improving your business outcomes and results by helping you create a high performance culture, thereby building both your employment brand and company brand.

Engaging employees is extremely effective for increasing the profitability of your organization. You will attract the best talent and encourage those who already work for you to go the extra mile for your company.

We follow best practices for employee engagement surveys to provide the crucial quantitative data and insight required to make real, sustainable improvements. You need to measure employee engagement to understand where to target your time and resources for improvement – and, to know whether your efforts are successful.

Workplace Engagement Insights provides the right surveys to get the data you need. Once we have the information, we can help you determine how to move forward and create a high performance culture of engaged employees.

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Self Management Group

Self Management Group (SMG) is a world leader in psychometric assessment tools, self-management training, coaching, and leadership consulting services. They are experts at profiling, predicting, and promoting performance.

Our strategic partnership with SMG ensures our clients obtain the best possible outcomes from their employee engagement surveys. SMG provides their IT platform for administering our engagement survey, and we work with their knowledgeable team of staticians, psychologists, and programmers to assure our clients of a reliable survey and process.

Leadscape Learning

Leadscape Learning creates tools that help leaders become more effective. Their development programs teach leaders how to build a work culture that unleashes employees’ potential. They have three excellent programs available to suit your organization’s needs. 

Brand Insights

Brand Insights Group focuses on inspiring and enabling their clients to build and sustain high performance cultures with enduring brand value, leading to superior business results. They align, integrate, and continuously improve the leading indicators of future business performance – leadership alignment and focus, employee engagement, and brand loyalty and value. 

SaintOnge Alliance

The SaintOnge Alliance is a collaborative network of highly experienced, highly successful professionals who partner with clients to formulate and execute strategy. Using the strategy as the foundation, SaintOnge Alliance will help you develop the leadership skills, the team culture, the alignment, and the focus to realize the aspirations of your business.

Executive and individual coaching is one of the key approaches used to instill the change required to make things happen.

The Human Well

The Human Well delivers HR services based on the needs and budget of their clients. They will match a consultant to your organization based on the required skillset and experience to solve your company’s unique challenges and achieve your specific HR goals.

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